Win Educators Over With Smarter Marketing

Win Schools Over With Smarter Marketing

Imagine not having to worry about marketing to schools and districts because it’s in the safe hands of a specialist agency.

When it comes to generating high quality leads for companies that sell to schools, it’s vital to partner with an agency that understands education inside and out.

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Trusted by 100s of
educational brands…

Trusted by 100s of
educational brands…

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The logo for the company BrainPop is on a green background with the words "Brainpop" in white against it.
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Sell more to schools

Sell more to schools

Marketing to educators isn’t easy. Which is why you’re better off ditching the generic agency and working with education sector specialists that understand your customers.

Jump on a no obligation call with the Bee Digital team and we’ll take a look at your challenges, audience, and ambitions.


Our expert team can design, execute, and manage strategic campaigns that leave you to focus on creating products that changes teachers’ and students’ lives 👉

A graphic which shows that Bee Digital Marketing was a winner in the 2020 Global Marketing Awards
A graphic which shows that Bee Digital Marketing was a winner in the 2020 Global Agency Awards
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"OK" marketing is not OK

Selling and marketing to the education sector is a tough gig.


There’s no easy wins. Teachers are often stretched to breaking point, schools are cash-strapped, and it takes lots of time to close a deal.


Getting the marketing right is absolutely essential.

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Bee Digital marketing to schools agency - testimonial - Christina Brownlee - Kids Read Now

Christina Brownlee, Director of Marketing, Kids Read Now Inc

Product category: Book reading programs for PK-5 students

BEE Digital is way more than a digital agency, they are a partner and a Sherpa for the Education market.

I am regularly blown away by not only the effectiveness of their marketing but by their insights and guidance within our market. Also, they’re great humans who give their all to help their clients succeed with passion AND compassion. Five Stars.”

How do you know an agency is the right answer to your challenges?

How do you know an agency is the right answer to your challenges?

Having worked with hundreds of education companies we have identified some common reasons organizations like yours might give us a call...

It’s a common story around Bee Digital HQ.


Every time we welcome a prospective client to a discovery call, to find out if we’re a good fit for their needs, we ask: “Have you worked with an agency before?”


And, for those that have, the replies are always some version of the following:


  • “We tried a non-educational marketing agency and they just didn’t understand the nuances of selling to schools.”
  • “We worked with a non-educational marketing agency who kept changing staff and I had to constantly explain the schools market to them over and over again.”
  • “We worked with a non-educational marketing agency who treated us like a 3rd class account because we were an educational brand and not a flashy consumer brand.”

When clients start to work with us, a specialist marketing to school agency, you can almost hear the relief in their voice.


We know all the acronyms. We know the language of education and how to get educators to take action.


We’ve marketed products into all the different roles in schools. We know where they hang out. We know the hashtags they follow. We have internal research that outlines the needs and wants of almost every permutation of educator.


We understand the pain points your audience experiences.


We understand the routes to purchase, from budgets to evaluations to key decision makers.


We know it’s a hugely rewarding market to work in, but we’re not naive about the pressures and challenges.


If you’re seeing your leads plateau, it’s probably time to get a new set of eyes on your marketing strategy.


This is one of the most common reasons companies knock on our door. They want more leads, better quality leads, or to reconsider the way they think about lead gen.


Agencies like ours provide a fresh perspective and can give you insights on how to increase sales that internal teams may have overlooked.


  • “If I had more staff”
  • “If there was another 12 hours in the day”
  • “If only I could clone myself”

Have you ever thought like this?


When you help manage a growing business there’s never enough time to do everything.


You want to focus on all the different areas of your business but having to manage a productive marketing strategy on top just leaves you anxious.


You simply never have enough time.


As your company grows, it can be hard to find time in your day for nailing a marketing strategy.


Agencies take that responsibility off your shoulders so you can focus on other crucial parts of your company.


This is a tough thing to admit – sometimes it feels like you’ve tried everything and are still seeing little result or change.


We speak to many clients who have done things like spending $1000s on an event, bought and blasted a database of educator emails, and sent out multiple PR pieces.


And yet website traffic, leads, and sales remain flat.


Why? Because without a strong experienced team to manage the marketing you end up working tactically instead of strategically. You’re throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.


And eventually you run out of things to throw.


A good marketing agency should be able to understand your business, analyze your current marketing strengths and weaknesses, and produce a clear strategy and campaign.


Then they will decide what tactics, channels, and media will deliver the strategy and help you overcome your challenges.


Which means you don’t need to worry anymore about having ideas – that’s what you pay the agency for.


Your marketing team is constantly juggling multiple tasks, leaving them stretched thin. We hear this all the time with companies that are struggling with scaling growth.

Managing all aspects of marketing in a growing company can be overwhelming for even the most skilled teams.

For instance, posting a single tweet might seem straightforward, but it involves various skills and tasks, such as:

  • Brainstorming creative ideas
  • Copywriting and proofreading
  • Hashtag analysis
  • Designing images in accordance with platform rules
  • Filming, editing, branding, and subtitling videos
  • Scheduling and posting
  • Responding to comments
  • Analyzing post-publishing data

And that’s just one X/Tweet!


Your team does their best, and tho, they know it’s challenging to achieve significant results with their limited capacity.


But this doesn’t mean you need to hire more staff.

Engaging with a marketing agency can be the solution.


Rest assured, your marketing team won’t feel threatened. Reputable agencies excel in collaborating closely and empathetically with in-house teams.


In fact, partnering with Bee Digital often leads to the marketing team gaining valuable experience and leadership skills.


We thrive on working alongside other marketers!

Let's make marketing magic 🪄 together

Let's make marketing magic together

Bee Digital works with commercial educational companies from around the world.

For over 15 years, we’ve delivered highly successful digital-first campaigns for start-ups, scale-ups, established businesses, and non-sector companies.

Client success is achieved when we zero in on what each client needs, which often boils down to one of these 3 services:

Service Option 1

Want insights?

Want insights?

Small projects that kick-start your journey into better marketing to schools.

Suitable for Education and Edtech companies that want to explore their options and understand more about their brand and product/market fit.

  • Social media audit
  • SEO audit
  • Website audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategic planning
Example challenge: Your website needs an overhaul and you'd like to rank better on Google.

A woman curious about a landing page download - Bee Digital marketing to schools agency
Channell Fusco - Pickatale - Bee Digital marketing to schools testimonial

Channell Fusco, Sales Director, Pickatale

Product category: Reading app for schools and families

Outside of the campaigns, great creativity and the results, they’re such wonderful people. When working with them all you get is a sense of friendship and partnership, not just client and agency vibes you can sometimes get.

Service Option 2

Want to launch a campaign?

Want to launch a campaign?

Hire Bee Digital to deliver a one-off campaign

Suitable for Education and Edtech companies that have a set budget to spend on growth marketing.

  • 8-12 week marketing projects
  • Fixed start and end date
Example challenge: You'd like to boost lead generation for the start of term.

They are not only experts in the Edtech sector, but every member of the team demonstrated great knowledge of marketing psychology and techniques that went beyond your standard FB and Google ad agencies. We'd highly recommend this fantastic agency and are looking forward to working with them again on our next campaign.

Lianne Katz - MAMA codes - Bee Digital marketing to schools testimonial

Liane Katz, Co-founder & CEO, Ltd

Product category: Coding education for 3-13 year olds

Service Option 3

Want sustainable growth?

Want sustainable growth?

National or state-wide strategic campaigns aligned to your growth goals.

Suitable for Education and Edtech companies that want an experienced, independent marketing team to supercharge their strategy.

  • Complete company, product, and customer analysis
  • End-to-end retained agency campaign services
  • Full account management
Example challenge: You want to retain an agency to build and implement an ongoing marketing strategy.

digital marketing to schools - woman at computer
Danielle Antha - Childnet - Bee Digital marketing to schools testimonial

Danielle Antha, Programme Manager, Childnet

Product category: Internet safety resources

The dynamism, creativity and hard work were all fantastic. We’d highly recommend Bee Digital to anyone.

🤔 Why use an agency?

🤔 Why use an agency?

A bad agency will tell you what you want to hear. A good agency will tell you what you need to hear.

There’s lots of non-sector marketing agencies out there who will promise the earth to get your business. But that’s probably not what you really need. You need an agency partner packed with people who know how education works, how schools buy, and how to make teachers trust you.

Access to expert knowledge

Working with a marketing agency that has specialized for 15+ years in the school sector gives you and your team access to all our hard won experience.

The folk at Bee Digital don't need hand-holding. We can move quickly because we’re already up-to-speed.

Save money
and GROW

Making high quality campaigns and content can be expensive and difficult.

Recruiting an internal marketing team with skills AND sector experience can be expensive. Salaries, holidays, HR, management time,'s a lot to pay for.

An agency often works out more cost effective than hiring internally.

Strategy PLUS

Without a strong experienced team to manage your marketing you risk working tactically instead of strategically.

A good marketing agency should be able to understand your business, analyze your current strengths and weaknesses, and produce a clear strategy and campaign.

Which means you don’t need to worry anymore about having ideas AND executing them - that’s what you pay the agency for.

What we do(for you)

What we do
(for you)

We believe that education can change the world.

But nothing will change unless you can get your product or service into the hands of as many educators as possible.


And that’s where we come in.


We ONLY work with organizations that sell into the education market.


From email to SEO to Facebook ads to re-thinking branding our talented and experienced team build smart, effective digital marketing campaigns to get you in front of teachers and students.

We can help you:

  • Increase the number and quality of your school leads
  • Launch your new product into the education market or scale it into new states or sales territories
  • Improve your marketing strategy and product positioning
  • Evaluate and refresh your value proposition, unique selling proposition, social media, or website

…and much more. Our goal is to make sure your marketing to schools is optimized for success, whatever that looks like.

Bee Digital ltd is an education specific marketing agency, based in the US and UK.

We help companies that sell products and services to the education sector.

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