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14 ideas for edtech company incentives

How do you attract new customers, and keep existing ones coming back? One approach is to offer customer incentives. Everyone likes to have an incentive dangled in front of them, but you can’t just use any old “ethical bribe” — it needs to be appropriate. I was once offered discounts on buying a suite of computers […]

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Why you should test your product

Getting your product out to market before the competition does is important, but not at the expense of customer relations and trust, and long-term relationships. While existing customers may cut you some slack, newcomers to a half-baked product are unlikely to be impressed.Why test?The main reasons to test your product, when all said and done, […]

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The art of listening

It seems to me that one of the most important skills a salesperson should possess is to be able to listen. Yet some salespeople and technical support people launch into a script or a flowchart when you call the company, or when you meet them. In that situation, they may be able to sell someone […]

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Who is responsible for a company’s image?

At one of the schools I taught in, the headteacher once made an announcement in the staffroom to this effect:  “Please don’t moan about the school in the queue for the checkout in Tesco’s. The people who overhear you live in this area, and if they tell people they know what they’ve heard you say, it […]

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What should a customer newsletter contain?

Author: Terry FreedmanTerry freedman is a freelance ed tech writer and consultant. He blogs at ICT & Computing in Education, and tweets as @terryfreedman. Once a school buys your product or service, a newsletter is a great way of keeping them informed of new developments. In this article, we look at what kind of content […]

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