Competition! How many bee-related pun doodles can you decipher?

"There are no mistakes, just happy accidents" -  Bob Ross.
As a fun-filled way to end the week and to celebrate National Doodle Day, our team has been busy creating as many bee related pun doodles as possible. Be warned, some of them are a little...imaginative...

So we've decided to create a little bit of a competition...

How many bee related pun doodles can you decipher?

Reply to me via email to or DM us on Instagram, with as many deciphered doodles as you can, and be in with a chance of winning a whole load of goodies...

The person with the most correct answers will win a FREE marketing training strategy session, a goody bag full of Bee Digital merchandise, sweets, a stiff drink or two, and £150 donation to a charity of their choice.

Simply email or DM us by 5pm on Monday 23rd September to enter the competition.

Ready? Steady? Get guessing!!

Happy Friday, and happy weekend.

PS. Sorry for the terrible drawings.

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