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✂️ Cutting through the noise: Selling and Marketing to schools in 2024

✂️ Cutting through the noise: Selling and Marketing to schools in 2024

The landscape for educational resources and edtech has changed drastically in the last few years.

With tightening budgets, academisation, and an influx of new products getting yourself seen and heard is harder than ever before.


Which is why we think you might be interested in this FREE webinar.


This 60 min session will draw on the expertise of Alicia from BlueCow and Bryan from Bee Digital who will present practical marketing insights, strategies, and tactics, sharing experiences from the many clients they work with, from start ups to large multinational companies.


And, as an added bonus, Simon Blower from Pobble has generously agreed to share his experiences as a Founder of one of the most recognised brands in the education Sector.

🗓️ Wednesday July 31st 2024

⏰ 9:30am-10:30am

Marketing to schools is
🤬 bloody tough 🤬
right now

Back in the day you could blast a few cold email lists, post out some brochures, or meet eager teachers at trade shows.

But in 2024 maybe you’re finding the usual strategies don’t work.

Teachers are now flooded with product offers, logins, free trials, Zoom demos, and a million other things.

And even in-person events, while still popular, see schools struggling to justify the travel costs.

Plus there’s lots of fresh new edtech products and services coming out every year, all eager to sell, sell, sell.

And that means everyone who sells to the education market is up against it.

So how can you possibly compete?

Sad teacher characters

Don't blend in,
stand out 🤪

Your webinar hosts have worked with hundreds of education companies and thousands of schools.

They work with winning edtech and education brands that are refreshing their marketing strategies, seeking new ways to approach teachers, and being brave enough to re-think their brand.


You know there’s no silver bullet but companies that know how to tell stories that appeal to schools get them noticed, trusted, and bought from.


And this webinar will share some key tactics that will help you unlock your story and get that marketing strategy singing once more.

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🗓️ Wednesday July 31st 2024

⏰ 9:30am-10:30am

🤔 What's the agenda?

This will be a head rush of actionable ideas, so get your notepads ready.

  1. Intro – 9:30am
  2. Session 1: Alicia, Blue Cow – “The current landscape – making it work for you” – looking at current purchasing patterns in education and how to use the full marketing mix to get your product noticed by teachers.
  3. Session 2: Bryan Plumb, Bee Digital – “The Art of Standing Out in the Educational Market” Bold brand strategies for education company leaders who want to do things differently.
  4. Session 3: Simon Blower, Pobble – “The Pobble Journey” – Simon will share his journey, which is a remarkable one, both personally and professionally.
  5. Question and Answer Session for the panel –  An opportunity to ask any questions you might have about how to promote your product to schools and navigate the ever challenging landscape.
  6. Close – 10:30am

Meet your hosts

Alicia Coad - Blue Cow

Alicia Coad

Blue Cow Education

Alicia has over 20 years experience in marketing ranging from FTSE 100 companies, schools and start ups. She had spent the past 15 years working in the education sector, most recently supporting edtech companies. Now, as co-founder of BCE Consultancy she works with 100 plus companies a year introducing them to the BlueCow Education network of over 2000 School leaders.

Bryan Plumb - Bee Digital

Bryan Plumb

CEO & Founder
Bee Digital

Founder of Bee Digital with 18 years experience crafting award-winning marketing campaigns for edtech companies across the globe. Helps brands to understand their underlying values and craft campaigns that get results.

Simon Blower - Pobble

Simon Blower


Simon started Pobble when he was Deputy Head of a large Primary School in North Yorkshire. Pobble won the Bett award for the Best Classroom Aid for Learning, Teaching and Assessment and the GESS award for Best Paid ICT Product, and is now supporting millions of pupils and is recognised by governments around the world.

Bee Digital ltd is an education specific marketing agency, based in the UK and US. We help companies that sell product and services to the education sector.

BlueCow Education  specialise in introducing school leaders to solution providers to help school improvement as well as delivering high quality in-person and online professional development.

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