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Around 18 months ago, we got our hands dirty with Facebook Messenger Bot building for a client. The idea was to create a bot that would interact with a cold audience and guide them through the customer value journey, ultimately ending with an offer of a product demo.

We hoped it would be a success, but if I am totally honest, we actually had no idea just how powerful it would prove to be. Queue 180 leads and 120 demo requests in just a few weeks.

Facebook Messenger Bots, you say?

Don’t panic! If you haven’t heard of Facebook Messenger Bots, you are not alone. We are talking seriously cutting edge marketing tools here. Not to be confused with ‘In Messenger Advertising’, Facebook Messenger Bots have conversations, deliver content, take information and much more all within Facebook Messenger – as if

talking to a real person. From suggesting which movies you should watch to taking pizza orders, Facebook Messenger Bots are taking over.


Let’s be real. Facebook Messenger Bots are cool. Like Bootsy Collins on a cold day cool. But they are so much more than that.

I’m a big fan of using email marketing to segment audiences and push them down a funnel (or the customer value journey), but in 9 years of marketing, I have NEVER seen open or click through rates as high as we currently do with Facebook Messenger Bots. And this is BIG.


Open & Click Through Rates

I always cringe a little when asked ‘what is a good open/click through rate’? as it totally depends on the sector, your list, and your previous level of engagement. That said, let’s just take a stab in the dark and say, for email campaigns, ‘40% open rates and 10% click through rates would generally put a smile on even the more discerning Marketing Director’s face.’ But what about Facebook Messenger Bots? We’ve seen 85%+ open rates and 60%+ click through rates CONSISTENTLY over the last 18 months. I cannot stress this enough – this is insanely good.

So why are the rates so strong? Well, Facebook Messenger is taking over. In April 2017, there was a reported 1.2 billion ACTIVE users on Messenger. Companies with any ounce of marketing expertise know that rule 1 of marketing is to put your message where your audience is already hanging out. And as consumers, we are WAAAAAYY more likely to open a message on Facebook than we are to open an email from a company. We equate Facebook Messenger to being ‘live’ and ‘real’, we’re not inundated with messages there yet, so we are far more inclined to engage on this platform.

How do people get to hear about the Bot?

There are a whole range of ways for people to kick start the conversation with a bot, but our current favourite is through advertising and the ‘Comment to Message’ growth tool. The best way to describe this is through a real example, so here goes…

This is a video advert in which I ask a question of the viewers. Viewers comment below the advert with their answer, to which they are instantly messaged by our Bot with the follow up video of our own answer and explanation.

Viewers are now in a sequence and subscribed to our bot, so we can start to interact with them (asking them other questions, pulling their email address, sending them files, linking them to websites etc) all on autopilot.

Based on a viewer’s answers and input, they will be tagged in certain ways and experience their own interaction, like a ‘build your own adventure book’. At a later point, we can send broadcast messages (like you would through email) to our entire subscriber base or a segment, based on their answers and the associated tags, either offering additional levels of value, or suggesting the next stage in the journey (a download, an offer, a phone call etc).

In real terms, we launched this latest bot less than 24 hours ago and have had an incredible uptake. How do these figures stack up against your current advertising spend?

So yes, Facebook Messenger Bots are damn cool, but they are also incredibly powerful. We’re currently building a Lesson Planner bot that will provide custom lesson packs and content based on a person’s answers to given questions about their classroom and needs, a customer support bot to reduce tickets, and a quiz bot that will engage an audience with a fun quiz. Importantly though, we know the end goal for each campaign, and that’s the crucial bit. It’s easy to be distracted by shiny new object syndrome when it comes to Facebook Messenger Bots, but you simply MUST know your customer value journey, where your audience currently are, what their next logical step is, and at what point your bot should divert to real person support.

For more information about Facebook Messenger Bot building and how we can help your company to grow on autopilot, get in touch today.

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Bryan Plumb

Founder and CEO of Bee Digital, Keynote speaker and member of the DigitalMarketer Advisory Board.

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