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What is the Teacher Advisory Panel?

A group of teachers, SLT and other educators who are paid for their time and expertise to advise on educational services and content developed by education companies, specifically for UK schools.

What does the process look like?

  • 1
    We will email relevant teachers with an outline of a potential project (duration, payment, expectations etc)
  • 2
    You can accept a project by clicking a button within the email, or decline the project by ignoring the email
  • 3
    If you accept a project, we will contact you again via email to arrange the details
  • 4
    You complete the project as required (telephone call, email, webinar view etc)
  • 5
    You are paid your fee. Simple!

What might a project look like?

  • An education company has developed a guide or whitepaper about a specific topic and would like to get teacher insight on the value of the content, and whether anything should be added. [1 HOUR]
  • An education company has a webinar concept they'd like to dry-run with teachers [30 MINS]
  • An education company wants to get feedback on a product [2 HOURS+] 
  • An education company wants to better understand teacher pain-points so they can check that their product adds value to the classroom [1 HOUR]

Our promises to you

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    We will never pass on your details to anyone
  • We will never try to sell you anything
  • We will never make demands, we will create projects that you can accept or decline
  • We will always respect your time, experience and honesty

Why launch the Teacher Advisory Panel?

We pride ourselves on the belief that only the very best education products should win, but we need help to identify truly transformative education products and services.

One of our biggest challenges as a marketing agency for the education sector is understanding whether a product truly meets the needs of teachers, and if so, how to ensure we get the messaging right. We want to help the most transformative products and services make a huge impact in schools (for teachers and children alike), but we cannot do this without the support of UK teachers.

That's why we need you.

If you have any further questions, you can always email bryan@beedigital.marketing confidentially to arrange a chat.

Join the Teacher Advisory Panel

"We help the most transformative education products to make a big impact within UK schools, but we can't do this without the help of our Teacher Advisory Panel".

Bryan Plumb, CEO. Bee Digital

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We are a small, originally family run, company based in SE London. Our CEO, Bryan Plumb, can often be found at Teachmeets, EdTweetups, or delivering free training to help truly innovative education products with their marketing and strategy.

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