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So you have a great education product that you truly believe will impact the lives of teachers and children. You budget to attend a world-famous education trade show, spend thousands of pounds on floor space, thousands more on a stand design, have your patter planned out and hundreds of leaflets to give away. 

Plenty of wonderful conversations ensue and everything seems promising...but just moments later, teacher's have completely forgotten who you are. And who can blame them? Trade shows are overwhelming at best, and you're just one of hundreds of companies vying for the same person's attention. 

You have no idea whether the show was actually a success and cannot measure ROI, putting it down to "brand exposure" or "crazy long buying cycles in schools".

The reality is... TRADE SHOWS SUCK.

It's time to fight back.

Over the last decade, we've developed an education marketing strategy, built on human psychology and science, that turns strangers into customers, and customers into raving schools, 24/7. I am going to share our Marketing to Schools Roadmap with you for free, but I want to do more...

Book a free call with me and, as well as sharing our Marketing to Schools Roadmap, together we will identify the ONE SPECIFIC THING you could do RIGHT NOW that will have the biggest impact on your sales to schools.


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