Making your email campaigns more personal, with personalised images! [Guide]

We’re all used to personalised emails now – you know, the ‘Hello [F|NAME]’ kind of thing? Well, a few weeks back we sent out an email promoting our ‘Build an Automated Edtech Lead Machine’ webinar, using a personalised image.

Not only was the email subject line and intro customised to each recipient, but we also included an image of a cinema ticket within the message body, upon which each recipient’s name was stamped.

We saw a huge increase in CTR and overall engagement and were emailed multiple times with ‘How did you do that?!’, so we decided to spill the beans. This short video explains how we use personalised images within our email campaigns for free, and how you can too. Enjoy.




Hello, Bryan Plumb here, managing director of Bee Digital, the company behind edtech marketing agency, bee-seen. I wanted to do a screencast recording today to show you a really cool tool that we’ve been using lately and show you how you can use it as well. The background is we were running a webinar about how to build an automated EdTech lead machine, and as part of our outreach program we ran some email campaigns and we always customise our email campaigns as I’m sure you all do so you know “hello [first name]”, but this time we tried to do something a little bit different. We customised an image in the email and we have a lot of people get back to us this last week asking “how did you do that?” It’s not any magical wizardry we’ve come up with, just a cool tool that we found and I’m going to show you how we do it right now.

Firstly this is the email that people received so “Hey [customised bits and so on]” but this is the picture admit Bryan. We just send this sort of cinema feel ticket stub and this is just using the F|Name] or first name placeholder for whatever mail program you’re using, it’s pulling that in straight from our email system. We used MailChimp for this one, though we don’t actually typically use MailChimp.

Okay so I’m going to show you how we do this. The product is something called NiftyImages and the good thing is you can use it for free! I don’t remember the limits but you can probably send several thousand emails for free.

I’m going to create an image or a timer. Two things you can do: create a personalised image – which is what we did before, or create a timer where it will say “You’ve got five days to buy our products” and it’ll be like a countdown timer on the email, which is pretty cool. We’re going to go  straight for the personalised image.

When you click on it it gives you a lot of templates that you can use: so a take away coffee cup and envelope invites and so on you get the idea but we’re going to try to upload our own image. Great. This is a block of text that we can now adjust so let’s keep it nice and simple “Hi there, first name”.

We can set a fallback just in case for whatever reason we haven’t got that person’s first name. So we can actually do “Hi [first name]”

We can change the font style, all the colours and all the rest of it so let’s just go pink. Of course we can’t adjust this completely like that. I can make it bold or italic where we are going to position it and so on. Let’s just change it to something like that, that’s horrible enough.

Imagine this not being our teacher journey guide, but this could be a picture of a screen or promo coffee cups or tickets or whatever it is that related to your products.

So this is what we have right now – there’s a load of other stuff you can do with skewing the text (which is how we got the textto sort of lie on funny angle) I’m not going to bother with that right now – you can see it’s easy enough to run through so once we’ve done this we can save it.

This is the code that we would use in our email program. You can change the email service provider so it’s going to list in here ready to roll and there’s loads in it so active campaign, aweber, Click Funnels, Dotmailer – the big ones. I’m going to leave this as MailChimp, just like to show you how this works and it gives you this code ready to roll so simply copy it onto there. I’ve got my code, copied it  I’m now going to win at MailChimp.

Here’s my email that I’m sending, “Here’s some great content for you” (Im just going to paste the code here) A very good point is always paste code like that into the HTML editor.

There we go, so you can see that’s brought it in. “Hi *FNAME* No need to panic here, it is just the placeholder so there’s my email now ready to go.

Okay, next I’m going to hit send. This is going o just a test list which has just got me in it. So I can hit send and hopefully that’s just going to go to me!

“High five your campaigns in the send queue and will go out shortly.”

So that is how simple it is – you can get really creative because you can upload your own images as well as just using their standard ones, but you’ll probably want to customise it a little bit more and that will basically pull the data from whichever list you’ve got wherever you store first name as long as you’ve got first name it’s going to pull it in there.

So that campaign has been sent and I should now get an email from it.

“Hey Bryan check this out” – we  customised the subject too – there we go, there is my customised image…”Hi Bryan”

This just a just pure image. So, yeah that’s it, I love it. I think it’s cool – something we have used a couple of times and we’re going to start using a lot more.

The URL is again if you’re interested NiftyImages, it is free to use, integrates with most email platforms. Give it a go and let us know what you think about it, we’d love to know how you get on with it, and if you come up with anything cool, share it with us would love to see it.

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Bryan Plumb

Founder and CEO of Bee Digital, Keynote speaker and member of the DigitalMarketer Advisory Board.

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