You CAN do it, but SHOULD you?

You know how sometimes you can be waiting at a bus stop for half an hour and nothing arrives, then within five minutes, three buses come along at once?

Well, we’re having a bit of a ‘three-buses-at-once’ moment here at Bee Digital right now. Except instead of buses, it’s potential clients calling to ask if we can manage certain aspects of their marketing in isolation, while they manage the rest of the strategy independently. Sounds okay, right?

Well, no, actually.

Here’s the problem: SEO, twitter, blog copy and email series’ don’t work in isolation. So if we’re not involved in every facet of a marketing strategy, then there is a real risk of minimising the potential impact a campaign will have.

We get it. Usually, there are fixed budgets, and it can be tempting to stretch those by taking on some of the seemingly ‘easier’ parts of the project and leaving us to work on the more technical parts of the campaign. The problem is that, when it comes to effective marketing, you need it to all work perfectly in sync. Think of it like the cogs in a clock- if even one of them is the wrong size or off balance, then the whole thing will stop working.

We can design the most brilliant funnel, create outstanding content and have an excellent strategy – but if the indoctrination emails aren’t performing, for example, then the whole thing will fall flat.

You can’t ‘cherry pick’ marketing tools or ideas

Something we see time and again is a misunderstanding of what makes for an effective marketing strategy: it’s about comprehensive marketing. It’s not good enough to cherry pick the marketing tools or ideas that you like the sound of, then neglect the rest. Sure, if you work on your SEO you might see a boost in website visits. But if you work on your SEO to direct people to the right landing pages which will then push people down through a well-crafted marketing funnel, then you won’t just get website visits, you’ll get meaningful leads which will ultimately convert. It’s this bigger-picture view which gets results.

So yes, you may well be able to do part of your marketing strategy by yourself. Anyone can write an email. But can you write an email series that will help get your business £60,000 worth of sales-qualified leads in less than a month*?

We aren’t a service provider: we’re a marketing agency.

We want to dive in 100% and be involved in every part of the process and strategy to deliver results that help to grow your business. Because, ultimately, that’s the only way it really works. So it’s not a case of can you market your business yourself – it’s a case of should you?

Why not jump on a free growth strategy call with our team, to discuss with us what strategies will work for your specific business? Book a call here, and we’ll be happy to show you how to grow your business and generate more leads the right way.


*This is something we achieved last month for a client. In 3 weeks, we gained them 120 leads worth £500 each.

Bryan Plumb

Founder and CEO of Bee Digital, Keynote speaker and member of the DigitalMarketer Advisory Board.

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