Have you heard the good news?

We've made it! We have officially launched in the US!

Why should you care? If you're a current customer (hello!) or someone who has never heard of us (welcome!), it means that we've expanded our knowledge about the education market and what works all over the world. Education is different in every country, trust us we know. But essentially, everyone wants to improve the space for the children/students, teachers, and leaders. If you're in education, your passion is to help.

And that is my entire life goal: To consistently be in the pursuit of helping others in every possible way.

Why does it matter? Because marketing in the education sector is HARD. You have a product that can effectively change and improve the way the classroom/school operates, but you struggling to get in front of the right audience. You can only get so far with cold calling and cold emailing. How many people are going to buy without knowing who you are? How many people screen your calls or delete your emails? I bet a bunch.

That's why Bee Digital exists.

We can solve your problem. Bee Digital has operated for 10 years. If there is one thing we know, it's marketing to educators and leaders. We use marketing strategies rooted in psychology and fine-tuned specifically for the education market.

Have questions? Want to know how? Need help? Think the British accent is funny? Good! ‚ÄčBook some time to chat with me to see how we can give you one actionable item to immediately implement in your business that will help make your online presence known.

It would be a pleasure to speak with you and, hopefully, make a lifelong connection.

Until then,


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