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Hello. Nice to meet you 😀

Bee Digital is an education specific marketing agency, based in the UK and US.

We are a team of passionate and highly experienced marketers and certified partners of the world’s leading marketing training and certification company, DigitalMarketer.

The Bee Digital team have delivered high performing campaigns for some of the world’s largest education companies and most innovative start-ups.

We don’t do ‘cold lists‘, cookie cutter email blasts , or help you ‘fit in’.

We do what makes us happy.

Helping you stand out.

The kind of things we love to talk about...

The ultimate guide to marketing to BETT leads by Bee Digital - marketing agency for the education sector
Marketing to schools strategies
Chris Bradford

The Ultimate Guide to Post-BETT Marketing Tactics

Our guide is packed with creative tips and useful strategies to turn those hard won BETT teacher contacts into enthusiastic customers. Learn how to jazz up your follow-ups, charm your way into educators’ hearts, and turn BETT leads into your biggest fans. Perfect for exhibitors ready to turn contacts into contracts.

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Bee Digital marketing agency - testimonial - Lianne Katz - MAMAcodes

Liane Katz, Co-founder & CEO Ltd

It has been like working with the skillsets of a huge agency with the client management and support of a much smaller, more intimate one.


We’d highly recommend this fantastic agency and are looking forward to working with them again on our next campaign.”

Bee Digital marketing to schools agency - testimonial - Richard McGrath

Richard McGrath, Ex-director at Britannica and President at Espresso Education

I am really impressed with their work and happy to recommend their services to any EdTech provider.


Bee Digital helped us thrive during the tough economic period of the pandemic, shifting our business strategy and product designs to better align to the education market’s needs, and generating thousands of school sign-ups.”

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Psst! Want an easy no-cost way to tap into our experiences?

TAIT, our popular marketing to schools newsletter, hits the inboxes of our industry’s smartest education professionals every other Wednesday.

“The TAIT newsletter often gives us practical tips and ideas that we can use straight away to help our business. It’s one of the few newsletters I always read.”
5 star rating - Bee Digital Marketing to schools agency
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Why do people choose Bee Digital?

People buy from people
they like (and trust)

Being authentically us is a competitive advantage other agencies find hard to copy.

We believe what you do is important

Whilst we are able to get products into schools, we aren’t the ones making solutions that change lives, and we’ll never forget that. Your success is our success ❤️‍🔥.

We strive for

If you’re looking for an email database service you’re in the wrong place. We bring strategic thinking, smart tech, and boundless creativity to every single campaign.

In this conversation between Emma Halder, co-founder of Rockerbox, and Bee Digital, discover how Rockerbox’s marketing to schools was transformed with Bee Digital’s marketing expertise.

Meet James Sims, Director and CEO of The Everlearner, who shares how Bee Digital played a pivotal role in their growth story.

Meet the Bees 👇

100% remote and loving it

We are a fully distributed company.


The agency has a home base but individuals work from home.

This means we aren’t limited to hiring people who happen to live near our office, but can bring on the very best folk from all over the world.

But we also recognise that remote work brings its own challenges so have built (and are continually building upon) a culture that puts our people first:

  • Remote working centric policies that prioritise family life and mental wellbeing
  • Personalised home working environment, tools, and schedule
  • Cloud based toolkit using software like Notion and Slack to support daily worklife and easy communication
  • Comprehensive new staff onboarding process with buddy system & coaching
  • In-person team gatherings throughout the year

Our decision to go remote wasn’t made lightly but we, as a team, agreed to go for it because these 3 key benefits made the challenges worth facing:

  1. Reducing the environmental impact of commuting
  2. The possibility to achieve a better work-life balance
  3. Attracting future team members from a wider, more diverse talent pool

Are you thinking of going fully remote? Have concerns?

Yeah, we get that, it’s not an easy move.

We’re happy to chat about it and share our experiences, if it would help. Just drop us an email and we’ll set up a quick chat.

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Bee Digital (UK)

54 Poland Street,

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t: 0203 6330188


Bee Digital (USA)

187 E. Warm Springs Rd
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t: (702) 899-1711