We're a growth
driven campaign

Your growth 🚀


We start with your key challenge and work outwards.


Growth driven marketing isn’t about Facebook Ads vs Youtube Ads, or webinars vs free trials, or blue buttons vs red buttons.


It’s about focusing on strategies that deliver reliable month-on-month improvement.


We’re an education marketing agency who aim to to make you stronger by measuring, iterating, and acting fast.


Because, naturally, you want your growth to be sustainable.

Who uses our services?

Startup education companies


We can help you find product market fit, build for investment, and reach teachers in a cost effective manner. Our marketing tactics will help you to stand out from the (better known) crowd.


Scale up education companies


We’ll take a deep dive into your service, products, and data and create scalable marketing strategies that will help you grow into a serious contender.


Established education companies


Whether launching a new product, expanding into a fresh market, or improving your marketing capacity we’ll take your prospecting to new heights.


Non-sector companies


From banks to museums to social good enterprises we use our industry expertise to bring brands, learning products, and educational initiatives into schools and homes.


See how we helped people grow their businesses

Can I see the menu?



It won’t help you.


Every client we work with gets a customised campaign strategy, that draws on a variety of marketing tools and tactics.


And often tactics change over time as we learn more about your customers, your product, and your business.


What will help you is acting today – before your competition gives us a call – to discover how we can help your company grow tomorrow.

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Ryan Deiss,
CEO DigitalMarketer

The Bee Digital magic formula


Bee Digital works with commercial educational companies from around the world.


We’ve delivered highly successful digital first campaigns for start ups, scales ups, established businesses, and non-sector companies for over 14 years.

The client journey (that's you BTW)

As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner that specialises in the education sector, we scaffold our campaigns using an 8 step Customer Value Journey, founded in human psychology and science, that turns strangers into customers, and customers into repeat-buying brand advocates.


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  • Research your company, product, & competitors
  • Assess your current marketing strategies, including marketing collateral
  • Create customer avatars
  • Design and propose a bespoke creative marketing campaign based on our Customer Value Journey model

Go live

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  • Asset, tech, and media creation
  • Campaign deployment
  • Audience building
  • Testing and data gathering

Amplification & Continuation

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  • Extend and scale up
  • Conversion analysis, looking at each stage of the Customer Value Journey.
  • Design the next campaigns or project to help your business grow, providing you with a new blueprint for success

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