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Why do you need TAIT in your life?

Hey it’s Bryan here, your friendly neighbourhood CEO/Founder.

Over the last year or so I started sending a private, fortnightly newsletter to the Bee Digital team.

I’d write about stuff that interested me, personal and professional.

Essays, tech, marketing advice, industry trends, people to follow, books to read – anything that I believed might keep ideas flowing, thoughts being thought, and action being taken.

And now they persuaded me to share it outside Bee Digital.

So I’d like to invite you to join my ‘Turn Attention into Trust’ newsletter for smart, curious, and mindful people who sell to schools.

People like you, right?

We’ve probably got a lot in common, you and I, so hopefully what I include will be worth your time.

Each edition contains exclusive, and hard won, advice and insight into such areas as:

  • Strategic marketing to schools
  • Industry and business advice
  • Copywriting, storytelling, data,
    design – dives into the marketing mix
  • Tools, apps, and websites to help you
    master the art of marketing to
  • ‘Best in class’ campaigns, adverts,
    and branding to provide inspiration