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Wish you could get your
product into
more classrooms?

Tired of hit-and-hope marketing?

Welcome to an education specific marketing agency that uses human psychology, science and data to generate teacher leads, school sales and brand advocates on tap, 24/7.

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Global Marketing Awards winner
GLobal Agency Awards winner
Digital Marketing certified partner
UK Digital Growth Awards finalist

Working with us

Look, we get it.

You have a truly transformational education product that you know would change the lives of children and teachers, if only you could get it inside more schools.

You agonise over which trade publication to advertise with, spend thousands to attend trade shows hoping your ideal teachers visit your stand, and tweet, blog, and Facebook for a handful of likes – all the while watching other, less impactful products rise in status and glory.

Marketing to schools doesn’t have to be this tough.

Not with us in your corner.

"Working with Bee Digital has been fantastic for us. From a strategy and delivery point of view it really feels like they are part of our team".
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Danny Heath
Founder, Your Game Plan

When you woke up this morning did you think...

*They won’t. Trust us on this.

Or, be honest, was it more like...

Relax. You're in
safe hands.

These challenges may feel overwhelming.


They’re not.


You might feel anxious about missing an opportunity.


You don’t need to.


You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re just hitting walls that every educational company hits. You can keep going like this, and good luck to you.


Or you can chat to one of our experienced team about your growth targets, blocks, customers, technology, capacity – whatever is standing in your way – and let us take care of it.

"The dynamism, creativity and hard work were all fantastic. We’d highly recommend Bee Digital to anyone.”
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Danielle Antha
Programme Manager at Childnet

what we do (for you)

Creative. Strategic.
Data driven.

We know how to tell your story, and find educators who want to hear it.

We work with edtech and educational companies just like yours that sell to schools.


Our experienced team has built a deep understanding of the unique quirks of the sector, the rhythm and flow of the market, and the right words (at the right time) to get teachers interested and excited.

We don't sell email lists. Sorry.

Marketing works best when a company speaks to a highly engaged, relevant audience.

That’s why we help our clients to rapidly build their own list of educators and/or senior leaders who are genuinely interested in their service, nurturing them from strangers to advocates.

Yep, that’s right.

"Cold outreach where you're inviting staff to 'book a time' in your calendar or sending general sales material should be avoided at all costs. Not only is this a really bad first impression, but it's also a sure fire way to get blocked or tagged as spam."

If you want to buy data and send cold emails there are other very capable educational marketing agencies you can work with.

Our approach enables us to be results driven, analysing which areas of your brand and audience need the most attention in order to produce the best results.

"Bee Digital you have completely and utterly smashed it out of the park for us. I just want to reiterate from myself and the whole Moki team a massive THANK YOU for going over and above, we are buzzing"
Craig Carr

Tik Tok or not to Tik Tok?

When we start to work together we learn about your business, your audience, and your brand.

From there we develop strategies to help you achieve your goal.

We often get asked if things like Tik Tok, Facebook ads, Instagram influencers, or chat bots are what education
companies “should” be doing.

And we say…it depends.

We ask you to outline what success looks like, and we figure out how to get you there.

We know every client has their own unique voice, product, and customer.

So we build campaigns that use a mix of media, social, email, technology, and much more to achieve what everyone wants: growth

Ready to build relationships and make more sales? 😎