Award winning education marketing that gets companies into schools, so you can spend more time creating life-changing education products

Tired of hit-and-hope marketing? Welcome to an education specific marketing agency that uses human psychology, science and data to generate teacher leads, school sales and brand advocates on tap, 24/7.

Wish you could get your education product into the hands of more teachers?

Look, we get it. You have a truly transformational education product that you know would change the lives of children and teachers, if only you could get it inside more classroom walls.

You agonise over which trade publication to push an advert into, spend thousands to attend trade shows hoping your ideal teachers show up, visit your stand, and actually remember you once the excitement dies down - all the while watching other, less impactful products rise in status and glory.

** This just in ** Marketing to schools doesn’t have to be this tough.

The Old Way

  • Scattergun approach to marketing
  • Decisions based on impulse
  • Difficult to measure ROI
  • Struggling to generate leads
  • Demos/Trials that won't convert
  • Stagnating growth
  • Marketing poorly aligned to sales

The New Way

  • Strategic approach to marketing
  • Decisions based on data
  • Easily measurable ROI
  • High-quality leads on tap, 24/7
  • Demos/Trials that constantly convert
  • Predictable, consistent, scalable growth
  • Marketing and sales hand-in-hand

We are a UK & USA based education specific marketing agency that uses a systematic process built on human psychology and science that has been proven over 11 years to generate teacher leads, school sales and active brand advocates on tap, 24/7. 

Want to learn more about our Marketing to Schools Roadmap approach? Book a Growth Strategy Call for free below...

How did we help Empiribox go from crisis to 2000+ school prospects in a single term?

How it works

Our 5 step system to helping you sell to more schools

STEP 1: Discover

Together we identify who you are, who your ideal clients are, why your company exists, what you believe in and why schools should care, turning this into a living breathing ethos for your brand.

STEP 2: Create

Our team of education marketers outline and then create the content and supporting technology for each stage of your Marketing to Schools Roadmap. Your mission statement, values and sales copy starts to populate across all outward facing avenues.

STEP 3: Launch

Your Marketing to Schools Roadmap goes live, generating leads from day one. Your flagship customers are identified and an advocacy program is built out, encouraging active brand promotion.

STEP 4: Optimise

The data is analysed using our custom data dashboards and optimise the Marketing to Schools Roadmap, improving conversions at each stage of the journey.

STEP 5: Scale

With the Marketing to Schools Roadmap generating leads and sales, together we scale the campaigns, add new entry points, and go back to Step 2 to create additional Roadmaps for your business. 

But it all starts with a call...

Book your free growth strategy call today and together we will identify the one thing you could do to improve your school sales right away!

The system implemented by Bee Digital led to £75,000 of school sales in just 4 weeks!

- Iain Bell, MINTClass

Who it’s for

Startup Education

Companies us because we implement marketing strategies that help them to stand out from the (better known) crowd

Experienced Education

Companies us because we analyse existing data and create scalable marketing strategies that help further their impact on schools

Industry Leading Education

Companies us because we help to build brand advocates whilst identifying and targeting new global regions to expand into

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Marketing to Schools Roadmap


The exact system we use to systematically generate teacher leads, school sales, and active brand promoters - 24/7

Marketing management and certified training.

Ready to turn teachers into school customers, and school customers into brand advocates?

Do you want to know the exact system we implement for our education clients that turns teachers into friends, friends into school customers, and school customers into brand advocates?

Then you NEED our free Marketing to Schools Roadmap worksheet.

Inside you'll discover:

  • The 8 steps needed to turn teachers into brand advocates
  • The psychology around how to get schools to buy
  • Printable worksheets to map out your own Roadmap

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