Asking Alexa

How Amazon asked Bee Digital to boost use of Alexa to improve learning at home

Amazon wanted to increase the visibility and use of Alexa during lockdown to support learning at home.

Amazon Alexa is ushering in a new era of technology. One where students, educators, and parents can use their voice to interact with technology that deepens learning, provides access to critical information, and saves time.


Amazon Alexa and education


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The Challenge

Amazon wanted to show how convenient it can be for parents to stay informed with their child’s education, and stay connected during remote learning via the technology families already have at their disposal.


Amazon also wanted to show how teachers can easily share the benefits and instructions of using Alexa at home to their fellow teachers and parents, without adding to their workload.

The Strategy

We targeted an audience of K6-12 school teachers, parents, and students.
  • 7-week campaign to make teachers, parents, and students in North America aware of the benefits of using Alexa at home during the pandemic.
  • Enabling families to access school information and homework updates via specific Alexa skills using popular LMS BlackBoard, Canvas, Coursera, Infinite Campus, Kickboard, and ParentSquare.

The campaign consisted of:


  • 3 x microsites, targeting teachers, students and parents (benefits of using the new Alexa skills; CTA to download the Alexa app)
  • 6 x downloadable Teacher Packs for each Alexa skill, containing: an explainer letter, email template, staff room poster, and digital flyers.
  • 3 x Facebook ad campaigns, separately targeting teachers, parents, and students with multiple audiences and creatives
  • 2 x YouTube skippable in-stream ads: 1 x short 5-second ad, and 1 x longer 37-second ad
  • Digital blog and email newsletter banner ads created for ISTE
Amazon Alexa kickboard poster for teachers

The outcome


The campaign generated 27,471 unique views to the microsite pages.


Facebook ad totals: 


  • Impressions: 3,845,728
  • Link clicks: 19,020
  • All clicks: 37,036
  • Cost per click: $0.65

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