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Dividing and conquering audience segments is often the right move

Teaching reading to a diverse class is a challenge, especially when aiming to engage every pupil. Even though Rockerbox’s products met this challenge their leads had plateaued.

How did we navigate the challenge of clarifying our client’s unique offerings to transform obstacles into a string of marketing triumphs?

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Rockerbox News helps over 6000 pupils in 120 schools to understand the purpose of reading, participate in conversations, and become more aware of global responsibilities.


They make reading meaningful and enjoyable for every young person. Their multi-award-winning non-fiction materials and platforms are designed to foster inclusivity, boost attainment, and transform reading engagement.

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The Challenge

The main challenge was engaging primary school teachers, SENDCOs, and headteachers in improving reading education for diverse classes, including struggling pupils, those with English as an Additional Language (EAL), and pupils requiring Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) support.


The client struggled to reach new schools and needed a marketing model to continuously generate quality leads, automate lead nurturing (due to a small team), enhance customer relationships for referrals, and clarify their unique value proposition.

The Strategy

With every client we spend the first few weeks on “Discovery”.

The better we understand a client, their product, and their audience, the better the marketing and outcomes are likely to be.

The key task here was to understand their audience deeply, by conducting interviews, generating customer personas, and diving into competitor and product analysis.

Prior to our involvement Rockerbox tended to aim at the “whole school”. But our research led us to discover that they would be better off dividing their audience up into segments and tailoring their marketing accordingly.

So we created three tailored PPC campaign variations on Meta:

  1. A campaign aimed at fostering inclusivity within the whole class
  2. A campaign designed to support EAL learners with translation tools and British accent read-alouds
  3. A campaign focused on making learning accessible for children with SEND

It was this last campaign that resonated the most, guiding us to develop an evergreen SEND campaign and keep their lead generation engine buzzing.

To complement our targeted PPC campaigns, we also introduced a lead magnet offering a sample pack of articles, giving a taste of what a subscription to Rockerbox could offer.

Our efforts didn’t stop there; we tested various messages and strategies in the following months, refining our approach.

Finally, we streamlined the lead nurturing process with an automated email series and facilitated easy access to free trial accounts, ensuring no potential lead was lost due to bottlenecks.

The outcome

The campaigns, especially the SEND-focused one, were highly successful, generating 233 leads within 27 days at a low cost per signup, with a standout ad in the SEND campaign alone generating 192 leads.


This success led to the development of an evergreen campaign that capitalised on the most effective messaging and design.


Our strategies facilitated better lead generation, automated nurturing, and improved customer engagement, which led to a substantial increase in engagement and lead conversion for Rockerbox.

“I could not have been more satisfied, honestly, with Bee Digital.

"I have been overwhelmingly impressed not just by their knowledge or their way of communicating and the campaign that they put together, but that I've always felt that whenever I needed any help or support or I had questions, the agency team jumped on it straight away. It was almost like they are an extension of my team.

“Bee Digital built out an incredible journey that our potential schools take as they move through their understanding of Rockerbox, our marketing, and into our sales pipelines and that's incredible.

“I would 100% recommend Bee Digital. I couldn't, honestly, recommend the agency more. I think in terms of the value that the agency has brought to my business, it's been transformational in multiple ways.”

Emma Halder, co-founder of Rockerbox
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