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PE teachers often struggle with theory, busy with so many practical tasks. The EverLearner offers a solution but needed to reconnect with leads and reduce customer churn.

How did we refine their approach, boosting brand presence and student involvement in their revision series, leading to £180k+ of revenue?

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The EverLearner has an extensive library of teacher-led lesson videos, bitesize topic quizzes, an exam simulator, interactive revision note-taking tool, and more, giving PE teachers everything they need to support their students to excel in their exams. 1000+ PE departments worldwide are now using The EverLearner, and 75% of PE students in the UK revised with The EverLearner’s free revision sessions in 2023.

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The Challenge

PE teachers often lack confidence in teaching theory due to a focus on practical skills.


They’re also busy with fixtures, clubs, and leadership roles, making it difficult to dedicate time to theory, leading to potential gaps in student preparation for exams.


Which creates an interesting marketing conundrum – how do you promote a product that fixes a problem your audience doesn’t have time to fix or may not even want to admit it’s a problem?

The Strategy

The strategy involved engaging directly with teachers and conducting thorough market and product research.


When the The Everlearner came to us they were looking to solve multiple marketing and sales challenges:


  • Re-engagement of current leads
  • Reduce churn rate for renewing customers (currently 18-20%)
  • Increase brand awareness – when teachers think “PE teaching”, they think “The EverLearner”.
  • Increase the numbers of students taking part in their revision 2023 series compared to 2022

A social media audit, a Google Ad review, and examination of existing revision campaigns identified opportunities for improvement without interfering with what was already working.


We understood that attacking that final point would have influence on all the other points.



So we built and launched a new revision campaign using targeted PPC ads, landing pages, email broadcasts for lead reactivation, and nurture email series.


The campaigns structure promoted exam-analysis infographics, then re-targeting with never-before-seen mock papers, and then promoting live revision sessions.


This allowed PE teachers to experience The Everlearner via a significant need: fantastic revision resources for their class, which in turn impressed upon them how The Everlearner supported PE teaching theory.


The Everlearner PE revision infographic - Bee Digital marketing to schools agency
Social media audit by Bee Digital for The Everlearner - marketing to schools aghency

The outcome

The approach led to more UK and international schools fully integrating The EverLearner into their curriculum, resulting in increased student recruitment, retention, and achievement in PE qualifications.


The revision campaign led to 69 new school customers in 2023 worth £180,000+, with a total ad spend of £2,057.24 generating 1160 new leads, achieving a cost per lead of £1.77.


The overall campaign from January to May 2023 demonstrated significant cost-effectiveness and reach, successfully enhancing brand awareness and student participation in revision series.

“I would be without hesitation be recommending Bee Digital.

That would be heartfelt, genuine, and I would happily make that recommendation. I’m delighted we found you guys.”

James Simms, CEO, The Everlearner

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