Living in an inclusion era

Taking a well loved school brand into the corporate sector

Widgit’s symbol language and accessibility tools have been enormously successful over the last 40 years.

But their ambition to move into the commercial sector, and offer the same service to multinational companies was a big challenge that required some big ideas.

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Widgit provides software and resources that uses a unique symbol language to support communication, learning, and accessibility to over 10,000 schools and 100+ organisations.


Their tools are used in various sectors, including education, healthcare, and social care, helping individuals with communication difficulties, autism, and other needs.


Widgit’s aim is to improve understanding and inclusivity for people of all ages and abilities.

For more information, visit Widgit.

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The Challenge

Widgit were seeking an agency to help them launch their new “Symbol-Friendly” service designed to help businesses and organisations use symbols to make their spaces more accessible for everyone, especially those with communication challenges.


They had built a service package that offered custom symbol materials, staff training, and an official symbol-friendly certification.


Widgit needed a complete messaging, sales, and resources kit to help them persuade companies to adopt their “Symbol-Friendly” service, including:


  • “Symbol-Friendly” service positioning and key language
  • A ‘story based’ customisable B2B pitch deck
  • Logo designs
  • Style guide – formal rules for future document creation (colours, fonts, language, tonality etc)
  • Various resources to help orgs promote internally and externally that they are a “Symbol-Friendly” service
  • Widgit Symbol-Friendly Partnership accreditation pack

The Strategy

The target audience for the “Symbol-Friendly” service included organisations such as Merlin, transport companies, football clubs, and Disney.


Their aim was to launch their “Symbol-Friendly” service to multiple organisations in the UK.


The language and design needed to consider a diverse range of needs, beyond just physical disabilities, to align with Widgit’s accessibility standards.


The sales deck needed to highlight the need for organisations to provide resources and support for individuals with hidden disabilities and discuss the potential commercial benefits of using Widgit symbols.

"We live in an inclusion era"

Following an in-depth discovery phase into their customers and product, we realised that businesses needed to understand the negative impact of NOT being communication-forward organisation.


That there has been a notable shift in how consumers decide who to spend their money with, and are often driven by ethical and moral concerns.


Research showed there was a significant audience of customers that want to do business with orgs that understand diversity and inclusion are good for business.


(And do something about it!)


We developed a complete new branding and positioning kit around being a ‘communication forward’ company, and the significant benefits it would bring to a company’s wider community.

Widgit - becoming a symbol friendly organisation - Bee Digital Marketing
Widgit - Symbol friendly logo

The outcome

Widgit has already used the marketing and promotion materials to welcome companies such Clarks Shoes, Woburn Safari park, and Nottingham Trams to the Symbol-Friendly service.


We were seriously proud to have worked with Widgit on this important project, and performed our small part in helping them deliver on their mission. We believe it will have positive impact on many people for years to come.


If you want to speak to Widgit about becoming a symbol friendly organisation then please visit ‘Becoming a Symbol-Friendly Organisation‘ on the Widgit website.

We couldn’t have done it without the efforts from yourself and the team.

The work you put in shaping the message has helped Widgit to convey the significance of incorporating symbols for promoting inclusion and the positive impact their use can have not only on individuals facing communication challenges but also the organisations that embrace them.”

Jonathan Sullivan, Chief Growth Officer, Widgit
Widgit - Symbol Friendly organisation - NET trams - Bee Digital marketing

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