There are 3 ways to grow your business...

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We are data driven marketing experts

At bee digital we let the numbers do the talking. Our marketing strategies are based on human psychology, experience, and real-time data about how people are accessing and using our clients' websites and services. This allows us to leave personal opinion at the door and focus on gaining measurable, actionable results from the off.

We use a wealth of technology tools to support our marketing efforts - from statistical, quantitative data tools such as Google Analytics, through to qualitative systems that record human interactions and behaviours, scroll patterns and eye tracking to enable conversion rate optimisation.

We truly have access to the very best in marketing automation and reporting tools so that we can rapidly implement systems that turn viewers into leads, leads into customers, and customers into brand advocates.

What we offer

Let us use our 9 years of marketing experience to get your product into the hands of customers, and keep it there. Services include:

Marketing Funnels

We build automated marketing funnels that turn passive viewers into leads, leads into customers, and customers into big brand advocates.

Social Media

From managing organic twitter accounts through to large scale Facebook groups, we're certified Social Media Marketing experts.

Paid Traffic

Whether Facebook advertising, LinkedIn outreach, or Google Adwords, we know where your audience is hanging out and how to reach them.

Search Engine Optimisation

We've outranked national papers and government bodies. If you need organic leads, SEO can place your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

Email Marketing

Your list is the most vital asset you have. We run broadcast and triggered email campaigns to push people through a considered sales funnel.


Whether PR content for the press, landing page content that sells, or brochure copy, we can help. We combine industry experience with content that converts.

Marketing Analytics

We are geeks that drive decisions on data. Qualified in Data Science and Analytics, we can drill down what isn't working for your business and why.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Okay, it's damn cool - but more than that, Facebook messenger bots just WORK. We build bots that drive awareness, engagement and conversions, 24/7!


The marketing funnel created by bee digital is our best route to market
- Oliver (Business Owner)

Our experience

We've been in operation for 9 years, helping companies that make the world a better place to gain more traction. We are certified partners of leading digital marketing training and research company, Digital Marketer, meaning we have access to the very latest in marketing insights, the best marketing training and certifications on the planet, and a support network of more than 11,000 marketers from across the globe. Put it this way; when you work with bee digital, you're in safe hands.


Marketing management and training for companies that make the world a better place.

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