Step it up a gear with this bumper pack of 2022 marketing tips

Are you ready to step it up a gear? Check out this bumper pack of marketing tips to follow the 2022 trends while standing out too!
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Remember when everything went virtual and digital from 2020? Well, it’s 2022, it’s still happening, AND it’s getting faster.

So, how do you keep up, stay relevant, and maintain that level of engagement you’ve been nurturing?

Answer: by nailing these key marketing trends for 2022.

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Live Streaming video

Got a decent following on your Facebook page?

Start a Facebook or Instagram Live video, such as a sneak peek of a new product feature, or a Q&A.

If your followers have notifications switched on they’ll know when you’re about to stream live.

PLUS, Live videos are given priority in news feeds AND you can edit and share a recording of the Live video on your page afterwards.

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Focus on short-form video content

They’re perfect for our ever shrinking attention spans, easier for your audience to digest, and they get more shares.

Instagram Story videos have a 15-second limit, Instagram video posts to your profile have a 60-second limit, and TikTok clips can currently run for up to 1-minute.

Ideas: an ‘unboxing’ of your product, behind-the-scenes intro to your business, or face-to-camera videos revealing top tips.

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Micro influencers

If you’re trying to reach out to a macro influencer (someone with between 100,000 and 1M+ followers) you’ll probably be just another vanity metric.

Don’t focus on reach; think about the engagement the influencer will offer.

A micro influencer (a user with 500-100,000 followers) adds more authenticity because they know what they’re talking about, they’ll more likely engage with you and your niche target audience, and they’ll be more active with posting content and reacting to comments.

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Invest in community

This is playing the long game. Instead of purchasing cold lists 🤮, create a Facebook Group.

This enables you to build brand loyalty and nurture strategic relationships (including identifying future brand ambassadors). It also means you have an audience you’ve created that is actively engaged with what you’re selling.

Note: you won’t see results for at least 6 months as it requires regular monitoring, posting content, commenting, and sparking conversations… but the result of your investment is pure gold.