10 reasons you definitely don’t want to work with Bee Digital

On 3rd September 2019 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Well, technically, we were busy with campaign launches and totally forgot about our own birthday(!)

In celebration of 10 years in education marketing, we decided to create this blog post about the 10 reasons you definitely don’t want to work with us to manage your education marketing campaigns. Enjoy.

  1. We won’t buy that email list you really want
    We don’t believe in dropping emails on a mass scale to people who have never heard of your brand, so we won’t be buying any lists, we’ll be building them.

  2. We won’t do all the things you want us to do
    Whilst we are definitely doers, we are also thinkers. We will only ever pull the levers that truly need pulling to provide the biggest return on your marketing spend...but we’ll be defining those levers. If you need someone to implement *your* marketing strategy, we’re not the right team for you.

  3. We’ll relentlessly contact you via email, Slack and phone to approve content
    Content is crucial to a successful campaign, and whilst we can create all types of content, it needs to be approved by the client. Therefore, the longer we wait for approval, the longer it takes for a campaign to go live.

  4. We won’t take you out for fancy meals and drinks
    I’m all for big, boozy lunches, but I’d rather spend your money to create a killer campaign that generates leads and customers on autopilot, 24/7. We only go for fancy meals to celebrate great campaigns, not in the lead up to them.

  5. We’ll keep telling you how much money you are spending
    If you last checked your bank balance in 2004, you won’t like working with us. We monitor spending every single day and provide a live data dashboard to show how much money is going in and how much is coming out of a campaign.

  6. We won’t “wow” you with dark arts
    We believe in educating our clients around the processes we use, so that when the time comes, they can carry on the marketing strategy in-house. We don’t believe in ‘it’s too complicated for you to understand’, so we reveal all the tricks of the trade, and even certify clients in 11 aspects of marketing.

  7. We will tell you if we think your content sucks
    We think having a thick skin is a key attribute to being a great marketer. We don’t get offended if you think our ideas or execution isn’t good enough, and we expect the same in return. We’re here to help companies grow, so egos need to be left at the door.

  8. We will change the way teachers think about your brand
    Getting the right messaging and tonality is essential to running a successful brand, and speaking to educators in a way that resonates is vital. We will be creating value propositions and mission statements that will be at the heart of your company, in every communication across all channels. If you are unwilling to consider a new way of thinking about your brand, we’re not going to be the agency for you.

  9. We don’t believe red converts better than green
    We love psychology. Heck, our entire business model is based on the psychological and physiological changes humans go through when forming relationships (Desmond Morris’ Intimate Behaviour). If you think red converts better than green, that a carousel ad is better than a video ad, or that long form copy is better than short form copy, that’s great. We’re happy to test, but we won’t make wholesale changes based on what someone once said.

  10. We are not going to rank you on the first page of google within a week
    Wild promises are crazy. We don’t make any. What we will commit to is developing a structured, 8 step solution to take people from having no idea about your brand through to being an active brand promoter.

Still here? Wow. Maybe you *do* want to work with us?!

If you can put up with all the above and want some free strategy advice about getting into more schools, book a free growth strategy call with me today. 30 minutes, no up-sells, just pure education marketing strategy.

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Bryan Plumb

Founder and CEO of Bee Digital, Keynote speaker and member of the DigitalMarketer Advisory Board.

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