Automated marketing magic to improve teacher retention

Holding onto a customer is much more cost-effective than hunting down a new one. But the real challenge lies in keeping those valued customers happy and engaged.
Keep your customers happy using email automation - Bee Digital marketing to schools agency

We all know retaining a customer is loads cheaper than finding a new one. So keeping customers happy is a BIG deal.

But, while it would be great to handwrite every email to every customer, it’s not scalable. Some things are better left to the machines.

So what can you automate to improve your email communications with prospects and customers? Here are 5 easy to implement customer retention ideas that we’ve seen work for our clients.

Seize the onboarding opportunity

The initial email in your onboarding sequence packs a punch in terms of open rates.

Your new customer is excited to get started, so the very first email needs to paint a vivid picture of what success looks like with your product and how to get there.

Imagine a scenario where you’re introducing your educational tool to a new customer.

You might explain, “Using [edu product] means changing [a process] in your school but we know that once you complete 3 lessons with [edu product], you’ll never want to go back to the way you did things before.

If your new customer has an easy path to getting the most from your product then they’re more likely to retain your services at renewal time.

Speak to ALL your users

Anyone who sells to schools know the person signing up for a free trial may not be the actual end user.

A teacher takes out the free trial.

A senior leader agrees the purchase

A bursar pays the invoice.

So don’t rely on a single point of contact.

To ensure retention, request all relevant contacts and automate tailored and timely emails series throughout their subscription to those who are most likely to use, renew, and advocate for your product. It’s like extending a warm invitation to those who truly matter.

And by the way, consider what sort of email address is worth getting.

Drip-feed Value with Interactivity

Upon sign-up, create an email series that not only offers onboarding tips but also delivers a touch of interactivity.

  • Ensure an easy start: Create Loom videos to showcase your top three product features. These videos can be seamlessly embedded into the initial emails, making the onboarding experience engaging and informative.
  • Raise awareness: attach a “Getting started with [Product]” PDF that teachers can forward to colleagues, or print and pin to the staffroom notice board.
  • Increase usage: send out branded login stickers/badges that teachers print and give out in class.

And if a teacher goes MIA (which you can track using login counts), shoot them a friendly automated reactivation email with fresh updates to reel them back in.

Gauge satisfaction and gather insights

Time your email automations - Bee Digital marketing agency to schools

Your subscriber data, such as last purchase date, product activity, and login count, can trigger targeted email automations.

For example, at the six-month mark, initiate a friendly check-in email that poses a simple yet significant question: “Are you happy with [edu product]?”

This straightforward query not only gauges satisfaction but also provides an opportunity for valuable feedback, helping you align your product with customer needs.

Set up automated surveys that pop into their inbox like a friendly wave. Ask for their thoughts, suggestions, and how you can make their experience better. Take their input seriously, make changes, and show them you’re not just playing around.

Other automated email examples based on subscriber activity:

  • Login count: “Congratulations on becoming a [Product] Power User by reaching [X number of logins]!”
  • Loyal subscriber: “We want to say a big thank you for being with [product] for [X time]”
  • Product use: “As someone who values [X feature] did you know you can combine it with [Y feature] too?

Embrace the Human Touch

Resist the temptation to sign off automated emails with a generic “The Team” or, worse, send them from a ‘Do Not Reply’ mailbox.

Opt for authenticity – send emails from a real named individual and make sure to respond QUICKLY to any replies.

👆 An excellent example of personalising automated emails from Widgit

Retaining customers is a long game

By harnessing the power of automation, you’re not just streamlining your communication efforts you’re fostering genuine connections that resonate with your prospects and customers.

By dishing out personalised welcomes, reading customer behaviour like a pro, and keeping the communication lines buzzing, you’ll build a fan base that’s as loyal as a pack of die-hard sports fans.

And remember, it’s not just about keeping them in the game, but turning them into your ultimate cheerleaders.

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