The real reason I joined Bee Digital

A black and white image of Chris Bradford of Bee Digital Marketing

My Grandad often told me ‘Hard work is its own reward’.

I admit I dismissed this as an old man’s cliche in my early career. You work for the money, or status, or experience. Right?

I didn’t recognise the truth behind this philosophy until I started to better understand what I really wanted from my working life.

I realised it was simply to do interesting work with interesting people.

Work that has value, that comes naturally, so it doesn’t feel like you’re doing it just for the money. You work hard because your hard work delivers value. That feels good, I think.

I’ve been lucky enough to join Bee Digital as Product Director at an incredibly exciting time for the company. They’ve delivered award winning campaigns time and again for educational companies across the last 10 years and are seeing rocket fuelled growth.

But what also attracted me to Bee Digital was their company culture and values.

They have an enviable reputation for integrity, creativity, and customer success. They know the difference between a cold list and building an audience. They get results by listening carefully to their client’s challenges and executing to the highest standards.

It’s a company with serious ambition driven by a super smart team and it’s invigorating to be on that journey.

So now I know my Grandad was right. It’s time to roll up my sleeves and work hard.

(If you want to reach out please connect with me on a growth strategy call or via Linked in. I genuinely look forward to helping you out).