Who’s your customer rock star?

If you had to let go of every customer but one - who would it be?
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How do you define your star customer?

It’s probably NOT the one that spends the most with your company. You should look to other qualities.

Every customer has unique needs and personalities but, from a marketing agency perspective, I’d define my ideal client based on 3 categories.

💸 Value – Not just £££, but do they see hiring us as a long term investment? Do they understand the worth of what we do?

🗣️ Referrals – Do they recommended us to other businesses without being asked?

🤯 Causes the least headaches – Do we all work collaboratively, with joy, clarity, and challenge?

The same three criteria can be applied to your school customers.

What about things like high product usage? Isn’t that a sign of a rock star customer?

Big login counts, clicks, time on site etc are all leading indicators that a school values your service.

But you need to take a more holistic view and get to understand the people behind the usage. A school may use your product like crazy but drain your support team with unrealistic demands or pay their invoices late.

How can you change an OK customer into an ideal customer?

This ties in to the aforementioned defining categories:

  1. Offer promotions, upsells, and cross-sells from other products and services that are relevant to them. Let them bask in your value.
  2. Give away valuable tools, and strategies they can use to improve their professional lives, in place of vouchers, discounts, and money.
  3. Radically improve your onboarding process, so customer expectations are 100% clear.

How can you gain the trust of your rock star customers?

Now you can identify your most valuable customers how can you start to build trusted relationships with them?

  • Teachers ADORE personalised rewards. Spend a bit of cash to show them that they’re valued.
  • Follow them and engage/amplify their Tweets
  • Create accreditation and status symbols/badges that they can show off on their website, social media, and school brochures
  • Host free and exclusive CPD courses for your best teacher customers – help them get even better at using your product
  • Reach out for reviews and testimonials to bolster your social proof, and attract new leads.
  • Incorporate their positive feedback into case studies.

Ultimately if customers do x, y, and z – ensure their actions and behaviours are acknowledged, and treated as such.

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