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How to create powerful case studies that fatten your sales pipeline

Victoria Clarke, Bee DigitalI’ve lost count of the amount of B2B case studies I’ve written and edited (let alone read) over the last 10 years, including award-winning case study submissions. The case studies have spanned multiple industries – from the biggest tech giants to cottage industry SMEs and everything in between, including the education sector. […]

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Don’t just make Facebook ads – create YouTube ads too!

Antony Smith, Bee DigitalWhy are paid ads on Facebook the go-to for marketers?Well, with Facebook advertising, you can reach your exact audience. This is a big benefit – huge – that makes Facebook advertising one of the most targeted ways for businesses to engage with an audience they know. You can target specific locations, ages, […]

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Why should an edtech company run a conference or webinar programme?

Author: Terry FreedmanTerry freedman is a freelance ed tech writer and consultant. He blogs at ICT & Computing in Education, and tweets as @terryfreedman.   Running a conference, a webinar or a series of webinars, can be a very useful marketing tool for a company. Yes, it can be somewhat time-consuming and labour-intensive, but bear with […]

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